Nie masz czasu na zapoznanie się z całością artykułu?
Wystarczy, że klikniesz ikonę „oznacz artykuł do przeczytania później”. Wszystkie zapisane publikacje znajdziesz w profilu czytelnika

The Sino-Russian relationship should not be seen as an alliance of revisionist powers

Chinese do not feel comfortable with the seemingly endless “endism” produced by Western intellectual elites, be it Fukuyamanian “end of history” at the end of the Cold War, or the recent variant of the “end” of the so-called liberal international order (LIO)
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Jakub Kamiński: Politicians and analysts in the West often perceive both China and Russia as so-called “revisionist powers”. In this perspective, these two countries cooperate, because it is in their common interest to weaken the superpower position of the United States. Do you agree with this? Prof. Yu Bin: This definition has been floating around for a while, particularly since 2016, when the West started a debate about the end of the so-called liberal international order (LIO). This was a time when Western democracies themselves (including Poland) were regarded as part of this democracy retreat. The debate, however, was primarily driven by the sense of crisis of the West itself, at least partially because of the British decision to withdraw...

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Yu Bin (Ph.D Stanford) is a professor of political science at Wittenberg University in Ohio, USA, and a senior fellow at the Russian Studies Center at the East China Normal University in Shanghai. He has also contributed regularly since 1999 on China, Russia, and Central Asian issues for the Comparative Connections by the Pacific Forum in Honolulu, Hawaii.
Contributor to the Nowa Konfederacja and the Boym Institute. Student of international relations at the University of Warsaw. Interested in, inter alia, the Indo-Pacific region and the transformations in China and its foreign policy. He has been associated with the third sector since 2017.

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