Up until November of 2017 “Nowa Konfederacja” was the first monthly e-journal of ideas (the first 51 issues had been published as a weekly e-journal between October 2013 and September 2014) in Poland. Today “Nowa Konfederacja” is probably the first thinkzine in the world. It is a new form of both expert and journalistic institution at the same time. This allows for better than ever collection and creation of knowledge and expertise on one hand, as well as more effective work on the holistic description of public reality on the other.

So far, the basic medium of presenting such fruits of labour was journalism, which still plays an important role in our activities.  Currently, each issue of the monthly e-journal consists of 10 different materials – analytical articles, essays, interviews. Twice a week, we publish comments reacting to current events. There is also a place for feuilleton – an almost extinct genre on the verge of journalism and literature, which is published at least once a month.

Since November 2017, we make our aim on the specialised activity as well. Experts in government issues, international affairs, law, defence, economy, local government, and more – they all publish their reports, analyses and specialized commentaries in Nowa Konfederacja.

Journalists and experts involved with Nowa Konfederacja appear in the media, where they either work or re-appear as guests or commentators of the current events.  We are present on the pages of the biggest Polish newspapers and magazines, on the Internet, on the radio, and on television shows, both in public and private TV stations.

The important elements of our activity are the open debates, which are held at “Freedom Lounge” in Warsaw. There, the invited guests – scientists, politicians, and journalists – discuss our publications as well as current socio-political issues.

We can also be found in social media – on FacebookTwitter, or Youtube.

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