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Khanna: Just because I’m a geopolitician by education, does not mean I’m an ideologue. Conectivity today is a battlefield for influence

Is Parag Khanna the second Fukuyama? Will we see a brutal race for the greatest possible connectedness? Or will conectivity bring peace, reduce the number of classic warfare? What will be the role of the West in this competition, and how much will the Belt and Road initiatives mean? Will nation-states fade away in favor of tribalism?
Wesprzyj NK
I reject the idea that geopolitics means division and globalization means harmony. The truth is that these are two sides of the same coin. And they always have been; The end of history (insofar as we can locate the dominant and aspirational political system for most societies in the world) is not Western, liberal, democratic capitalism, as Fukuyama wrote in 1989. Instead, it is a system that I call Asian democratic technocracy; Regions where neighbors are more connected to each other are more likely to have peace. This is an absolute and indisputable truth, and I take great pains to show that Russia, among the great powers, is the least connected of the other powers, has the least interest in...

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