Our mission

Intellectual world – from universities to media – cannot keep up with the rapid changes of political, economic, and social reality, describing them with the old-fashioned categories. This fundamentally lowers the quality of government, which resolves the dilemmas with knowledge available at the given moment. Shortage of such knowledge increases the risk of making bad, or even disastrous, decisions, as well as it allows for the ascendency of false ideologies. This applies in particular to Poland because of its vulnerable geopolitical position and intellectual weakness (of universities, media, think tanks).

Nowa Konfederacja is trying to counter this crisis in four key ways:

  1. Through the formula of thinkzine: the first in Poland, and probably in the whole world, think tank and journal in one. It allows for better communication and synergy between the experts in different fields, as well as between experts and journalists and intellectuals – all this to increase the level of expertise and most importantly, to create a holistic view on public reality
  2. Through influencing the opinions of the elites
  3. Through influencing the mainstream debate by political commentary
  4. By serving as an intermediary between the worlds of expertise and academia and the world of media.

We are working in the spirit of Polish republican tradition. Believing it to be the most glorious heritage of our politics and the inspiration to solving current issues led by the false dilemmas: state or freedom, freedom or community. Today, we need more state, more freedom, and more community at the same time. After all, both the challenges of political subjectivity, as well as freedom are unprecedented – and such must be the answer.

We are a confederation – a union of citizens aiming at the common good when all the other institutions are failing.

We are as independent of political parties as from the click-bait competition. It is made possible primarily thanks to the generosity of our Donors. Maintenance of independence, professionalism, and further development, which hastens the achievement of above-mentioned goals – they all depend on up keeping and growth of financing through the unconditional donations for the statutory objectives. If you value Nowa Konfederacja – support it.

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