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Joe Biden’s goals in contest with China remain unclear

In the first years of the Cold War, America has taken a giant leap, building NATO and fundamentally transforming its military posture. Recently there's a lot of talk out of Washington, but there's nothing like that effort
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Due to the recent geopolitical shift, Asia is becoming the world's new centre, which seems to be as important or even more important than the West. What does it mean for the world? How will the new world differ from the previous one? First, I think it's clear that we will not have a kind of US-led global order. That seemed to be coming into being at the end of the Cold War. For a while, through the nineties and into this century, it appeared that we were going to live in a global order in which the US would be the primary power; that the great powers throughout the world would accept this order and would be willing to...

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Hugh White is Emeritus Professor of Strategic Studies at the Australian National University. He has served as an intelligence analyst with the Office of National Assessments, as a journalist with the Sydney Morning Herald, as a senior adviser on the staffs of Defence Minister Kim Beazley and Prime Minister Bob Hawke, and as a senior official in the Department of Defence, where from 1995 to 2000 he was Deputy Secretary for Strategy and Intelligence, and as the first Director of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI).
Chief social expert of "Nowa Konfederacja", sociologist, journalist (i.a. "Więź", "Rzeczpospolita", "Dziennik Gazeta Prawna"), co-owner of the Center for Social and Economic Development, associate of the Center for Social Challenges at Warsaw University, "Field of Dialogue" Foundation and Center for Evaluation. His main areas of interest are local and regional development, culture, civil society and labor market. Author of two books ("From foil hats to sexual recession", Wydawnictwo Nowej Konfederacji 2020 and "G.K.Chesterton. The Genius of Orthodoxy", eSPe 2013) and co-author of many publications.

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