Nie masz czasu na zapoznanie się z całością artykułu? Wystarczy, że klikniesz ikonę „oznacz artykuł do przeczytania później”. Wszystkie zapisane publikacje znajdziesz w profilu czytelnika

The end of the liberal international order | Mearsheimer, Bartosiak, Sikorski, Tunsjø

The debate “The end of the liberal international order” aims to present and discuss current expert and political considerations regarding a geopolitical shift in international relations: from wide cooperation to rivalry between major world powers.


These issues were discussed with the attendance of:

  • Prof. John J. Mearsheimer – R. Wendell Harrison Distinguished Service Professor in the Political Science Department at the University of Chicago. An American political scientist and international relations scholar, a creator of the theory of offensive realism;
  • Prof. Øystein Tunsjø – Professor of International Relations Head of Asia Program in Norwegian Institute for Defence Studies (IFS) Norwegian Defence University College (FHS);
  • Radosław Sikorski – a Member of European Parliament and a senior fellow at the Center for European Studies of Harvard University. A former Marshal of the Sejm and Polish Minister of National Defence and Foreign Affairs;
  • Dr. Jacek Bartosiak – president of the geostrategic portal Strategy and Future, Nowa Konfederacja’s co-founder and associate. Author of “The end of the end of history”.

The debate was moderated by Dr. Tomasz Gajewski – Nowa Konfederacja’s associate, Po.Int Foundation’s analyst, expert on the impact of modern technologies and climate change on the international system and the global security environment. Lecturer in Jan Kochanowski University of Kielce.



The event was financed by the National Freedom Institute – Centre for Civil Society Development from the funds of The Civil Society Organisations Development Programme 2018-2030.


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