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Nie masz czasu na zapoznanie się z całością artykułu? Wystarczy, że klikniesz ikonę „oznacz artykuł do przeczytania później”. Wszystkie zapisane publikacje znajdziesz w profilu czytelnika

In pursuit of European defence autonomy – prof. Simón, prof. Grosse, dr Kai-Olaf Lang [video]

What role may Europe play at a time of growing geopolitical competition? What are the recent developments in the EU’s defence policy? Are they increasing Europe’s strategic autonomy? What consequences may it have on the transatlantic relations? What role do Germany, France and Poland play in this process?

These issues were discussed at the international debate “In pursuit of European defence autonomy”, with the attendance of: prof. Luis Simón (Vrije Universiteit Brussel, the Elcano Royal Institute), Dr. Kai-Olaf Lang (German Institute for International and Security Affairs, SWP) and prof. Tomasz Grzegorz Grosse (Warsaw University). The debate was moderated by Marcin Chruściel – member of the Nowa Konfederacja team.


  • Prof. Luis Simón – research professor at the Institute for European Studies at the Vreje Universiteit in Brussels and director of the Brussels office of the Elcano Royal Institute. He specializes in the evolution of U.S. geostrategy and its impact on the transatlantic relationship; also in European geopolitics and security;
  • Dr. Kai-Olaf Lang – a political scientist working at the German Institute for International and Security Affairs in Berlin. He is an expert on the foreign and security policies in Central and Eastern Europe, his expertise is also in EU Eastern Partnership and European Union policies;
  • Prof. Tomasz Grzegorz Grosse – a political scientist and historian. He is a professor at the University of Warsaw, head of Department of European Union Policies. He specializes in economic policies in the EU and also European defence policy. Prof. Grosse is an expert on European issues at the Nowa Konfederacja Thinkzine.

The event was financed by the National Freedom Institute – Centre for Civil Society Development from the funds of The Civil Society Organisations Development Programme 2018-2030.


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